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Weight Loss

Xperience Fitness is your weight loss headquarters.
We start with a comprehensive fitness and health
analysis that will illuminate your path to success.
Then we give you the tools and support that help you
WANT to stay on track until you reach your goals.

  • Advanced visual goal setting
  • Success map
  • Professional coaching
  • Online support program
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Strengthen & Tone

Either you already like what the scale is telling you or you
just don't care. If so, we have a great program for you.
Improve posture, core strength, endurance, and maybe
just get better at your favorite sport. We have fun
beginner fitness builders and advanced athletic programming.

  • Customized to you
  • Structural programming
  • Workout assignments
  • Nutrition guidance
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Eat Smart

What you put into your body has everything to do with
how you look and how you feel. That said, we have fitness
programs that get you results without changing what you
eat. Eating smart is about taking on a lifestyle of eating
that fits your fitness and your life goals - long term.

  • Keep it simple
  • Journal it
  • Learn as you go
  • Fill in the blanks
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Make no mistake, we are a fitness and wellness
company dedicated to helping you and your family find
the time and place to have an active lifestyle. We
embrace technology as a way to connect you to all that
we offer. If you add fitness coaching to your game plan,
you have access to some of the best tools available.

  • Online and easy
  • Connecting you
  • Integrating you
  • Freeing you
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Advanced Visual Goal Setting

Using an advanced computer program and measurement tools, we will help identify exactly what your wellness needs are. Then we will literally sculpt what you want your body to look and feel like. Find out just what you can achieve and when.

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Success Map

Your Weight Loss Coordinator will be educating you from day one. Learn the proven steps to lose anything from 5 lbs to 205 lbs. Expect to leave your first meeting with a clear idea of the steps you will be following.

Professional Coaching

Celebrities, professional athletes, reality TV personalities, moms, dads, even personal trainers use fitness coaches. You need someone to keep you safe, motivated, on track, and that can inspire you to achieve permanent weight loss success. Do it your selfers are often the ones that gain it all back.

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Online Support Program

We give you all the tools you need to learn and properly incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. No diet needed, we will teach you how to use the foods you are willing to eat to reach your ideal weight. Online journals for your meals and workouts will keep you connected to your fitness coach/program all day and all week.

Customized to You

This means we meet with you first and figure out the best approach and coach for your success. You will need challenging, safe workouts to keep your body guessing and your mind from wandering. Your fitness coach will show you things you have never seen or tried before, guaranteed.

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Structural Programming

It is hard to look great if your posture is poor. Shoulders rounded forward, belly pooches out, neck bent forward... Does this sound familiar? Your Xperience Fitness program will evaluate your muscle imbalances and program the proper flexibility and strength movements to reverse these and having you look as good as you will feel.

Workout Assignments

Have you or someone you know hired a trainer before? Did you notice that when they were not with the trainer they were left guessing what to do next? Maybe they had a handout (photo-copied 36 times) that gave them an outline of some cardio options? With Xperience Fitness you have both your online fitness companion and professional custom handouts, videos, and detailed explanations of what to do when you are on your own days. Follow along on your own mobile device/phone and take all the guesswork out of it.

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Nutrition Guidance

Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition strategies can make or break your workout success. Your body needs the correct fuel and nutrients to maximize success. We carry an exclusive line of nutrition products that may help you get what you need when you are on the go. Like everything else we do, there is a careful recommendation process. We don't just show you our favorite product of the week. Eat smart and get strong!

Keep it simple

You don't have to manage every little micronutrient to see the results you are looking for. We will set goals with you based on the changes you are looking for. We will teach you how to keep your favorite foods and establish just how much of them you can have each day, depending on how quickly you want to see changes.

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Journal it

You will see 2-4 times better results if you simply journal your meals throughout the day. Use our incredible meal/fitness journal - it has 70,000 popular foods and restaurant items. This journal can be connected to our fitness team so that you have a coach keeping you accountable and praising you when you start hitting your goals. You are not alone, we are here for you every step of the way.

Learn as you go

As you journal you will be able to talk about your meal choices/energy levels. Our state-of-the-art progress reports and graphs will show you your days and choices that work so that you can learn to repeat positive wellness behavior. Break the cycle you have been in and reprogram yourself to the fit and healthy you.

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Fill in the blanks

Always on the move? Travel a lot? Trying to find a fast but healthy alternative to fast food and salty/sugary snacks? Look, sometimes we don't quite get the nutrients needed for workout recovery from our meals. We work with Supplement RX to offer you choices to fill in the blanks based on your unique health profile. If something fits, then feel free to try it.

Online and easy

Everything about your training program will be available to you online. Built-in user tutorials and live chat will make sure you get off to a strong start no matter what your computer skills are. We have been using this program with our clients for years with incredible success.

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Connecting you

Xperience Fitness is unlike any other fitness provider. We give you the best live training assistance and we connect you to them 7 days a week via your online fitness companion. You and your trainer will be exchanging all things fitness/nutrition through the online tool. For once there is someone that can praise you as you eat smart and take the stairs instead of the elevator!

Integrating you

Messaging is built into your fitness journal. You will have access to your trainer's schedule and classes online, and your training calendar can be synced with your personal calendar at work, home, or on your mobile device. Our entire online program is mobile browser friendly and we have an iPhone app for your workouts and measurement updates. We even have a friend and family share option that connects your saved food pantry meals and favorite recipes. All live and all easy to use.

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Freeing you

Xperience Fitness reaches you well beyond the walls of its gyms. Try a yoga or mat pilates workout at the park and follow the instructions on your phone. Take a bike ride and log it on your computer when you are done. Find the calories of that airport burrito before you buy it. Even log your blood pressure on your mobile device and send a report of your improvement to your doctor.